Ride with a  Jet-Ski

Kolymbia Watersports

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Yamaha R1 Racing, Speed 60mph, For up to 2 people

Ride With A Jet Ski

It is Safe and Easy.

Rent for one or two passengers, life jackets are provided.

Get ready for a Jet Ski Rhodes adventure! Jet ski in Kolymbia Rhodes one of the most beautiful beaches on the island!

Jet Skiing is a water sport in which an individual or dual riders use a Jet Ski to jump over waves at high speeds. Anyone who finds the water and speed thrilling will definitely enjoy this activity.


Time to hire Price
10 minutes 35 Euros
15 minutes 45 Euros
20 minutes 55 Euros
30 minutes 75 Euros


How fast can my Jet ski go?

Jet skis can reach top speeds of about 60 mph. However, you will only be allowed to go up to about 20-25mph since you will be running on an enclosed track.

Is there any jet ski insructor?

Yes, there will be general instruction provided and a guide will be available throughout your entire jet skiing experience.

Do I need to be able to swim to participate?

Life jackets are worn during this activity. However, for your comfort and ultimate safety, it is suggested that you know how to swim.

All of our staff hold professional Internationally recognized qualifications and receive regular training and updates in Health and Safety practices and policies. Your safety means your enjoyment and each and every person receives the same level of care and attention to guarantee you enjoy and feel safe at all times.

Safety Is Our Priority!

Our jet skis are top quality, equipped with a powerful Yamaha R1 Racing 1100 cc motor engine. Although lots of power, it’s 100% safe, even for not experienced drivers. Driving a jet ski is easier than driving a regular scooter, and all of our jet ski’s have remote control system ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

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