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Ride with a license or with one of our professional skippers

Boats with 200 Hp engine require boat driving license. Otherwise, an experienced captain and our trained crew will always ensure that safety, comfort and special requests. They can safely take you, your friends and family wherever you want to go. Discover your own private snorkel, find a deserted beach and have a picnic, enjoy all the magical beauty of this glorious island!

Xenia Speed Boat: Verado 200ps, Speed 55m/h, Licence needed, For up to 9 people

Speedboat Xenia

Speed across the Rhodes east coast with your private boat. With a minimal and sleek design, is the perfect speed boat for those who like speed and style. Reach nearby beaches such as Tsambika beach, Agathi beach, red stone beach for a relaxing day trip.


Time to hire Price
2 Hours 150 Euros
3 Hours 190 Euros
4 Hours 240 Euros
All day – 10:00 to 18:00 340 Euros

Gas is being charged separately, depending on how long you would like to go. Verado 200ps super fast engine. Full speed 55 m/h. Cruising speed 33 knots. Gps. Cushions. Sun tent. Mobile phone. Shower. Anchor. All the safety equipment.

Safety Is Our Priority!

All of our staff hold professional Internationally recognized qualifications and receive regular training and updates in Health and Safety practices and policies. Your safety means your enjoyment and each and every person receives the same level of care and attention to guarantee you enjoy and feel safe at all times.

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